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BUY 4 GET 5th for $1 - EVERY DAY
NEW RAFFLE EVERY FRIDAY - enter for a chance to win some of your favorite goodies
6.27.22-6.30.22 -  LOLO “Free Gas” Delivery Campaign: Spend $100 & get a 8th of Lolo “Free Gas”
NEW in-store demos: 6.27.22-7.3.22
6.29.22 - DEMO - Old Pal 3pm-6pm: BOGO $1
6.30.22 - DEMO - Ganja Gold 3pm-6pm: BOGO $1
6.30.22 - DEMO - Elyon 4pm-7pm: BOGO $1
6.30.22 - DEMO - Cannadips 3pm: BOGO $1
7.1.22 - DEMO - STIIIZY 4pm-8pm: Buy 2 get one for $1 - all sTIIIZY PRODUCTS
7.1.22 - Heavy Hitters: Sip & Smoke


NEW IN-STORE PROMOTIONS: 6.27.22 - 7.3.22
Punch Edibles: BOGO $1 (Punch 100mg Chocolate)
West Coast Cure: Buy 2 Get 1 for $1 (1g carts)
West Coast Cure: Buy 2 get 2 for $1
ELYON: BOGO $1 (8th's)
WEST COAST CURE: Buy 2 Get 3 for $1 (1g carts)
West Coast Cure: B2G3 (1g carts)
Kanha: BOGO $1
Connected - Buy a 1g connected cart and get a battery for $1
Elbow FarmsBuy an 8th of elbow farms get one for $1
Care by design - Buy any Care by design product and get tincture for $1
Big Petes - Buy a 10pk of cookies and get a 100mg single for $1 
Kings Garden - Buy an 8th and get 1g for $1
Habit - buy any habit syrup and get one for $1
Feels - Buy any 2 feelz 8th get an 8th for $1
Seven Leaves - Buy an 8th of any Seven Leaves 8th and get 1g PR for $1 
Alien Labs - Buy 1g alien labs cart and get a battery for $1 
Papa & Barkley - Buy any papa and Barkley products and get a patch for $1
 *management reserves all rights // promotions subject to change*

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LOLO Free Gas Promotion

Spend $100 on your next Delivery Purchase & receive a LOLO "Free Gas" 8th for $1!

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Goleta Anniversary Event

1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY  - Saturday June 18th - 10am-5pm - 20+ vendors, music, food and HUGE promotions
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Heavy Hitters Sip & Smoke

Every Friday through July

Buy 1G HH cart & get 4 drinks for $1 each ($4)

*All locations except El Sobrante*

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Weed Dispensary and Delivery Service in California

As leaders in California’s weed delivery industry, at One Plant we’re proud to serve a large selection of counties throughout the area.

Avoid sitting through that brutal LA traffic or waiting in long dispensary lines.

Whether you’re simply restocking, or in a rush to get your products, you deserve fast, reliable service. With a team of one-of-a-kind drivers throughout California, our weed delivery can often be completed within an hour of purchase.

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